Types of Donuts

Below is a list of 40 types of donuts commonly available around the United States. Some of these donuts are available on our menu. Feel free to look around!

Types of Donuts 1-10

1. Glazed
A moist and fluffy donut can always be improved by the tasty accessories that it sports. Glazed donuts take taste from the everyday to something a little special with plain and flavored glazes that will tempt anyone’s palate. However, for the sophisticated donut, a great glaze is more than just outerwear. Temptingly sweet glazes can also become the backdrop to exciting accessories like donut toppings, for that extra special look and flavor that will hit the spot. The classic texture of the cake donut is always a perfect pairing with the soft drizzle of an expertly flavored glaze, to meld all the tastes into a symphony of joy.
2. Chocolate Glazed
Chocolate lovers can rejoice with yet another way to savor the full richness and velvety texture of coco. Chocolate glazed donuts may seem to start from the humble beginnings of the basic toroid pastry, but along the way they are chosen for a greater destiny. Hand crafted chocolate glaze is more than a passing addition, but is thickly and generously slathered on these donuts to create a gourmet composition of delectability. The wonderful chocolate glazed donut can become a treat for any occasion when a chocolate lover is involved, and the richly tender icing becomes a moment of perfection, from the very first bite to the last.
3. Boston Cream Donuts
As though donuts are not already an epitome of perfection, adding a filling and glaze can bump the flavor profiles up to the next level. Boston cream glazed donuts will do just this, as they present the ideal mix every day pastry and just a hint of decadence. These donuts are light and fluffy, which also means that they can be jam packed with vanilla custard for an explosion of great flavors in each tidbit that is nibbled. However, the wonder of the Boston cream glazed donut does not end there. To top of what may already seem like perfection, a thick chocolate glaze smothers off the entire pastry, for an extra dimension of happiness.
4. Cinnamon Donuts
Childhood memories can become the reasons for certain flavors and taste profiles turning in to a comfort food. Cinnamon donuts capture all of the warmth and lightly caramelized zing of cinnamon toast, but on a toothsome and fluffy donut. The base dough complements the spiced sugar topping with hints of nutmeg and other natural flavor additions, which boosts the heat and sweetness of the cinnamon. Cinnamon donuts become the perfect balance between the familiar and the decadent, inviting people to take just one more nibble of the moist pastry and cinnamon sugar topping. It’s no challenge to eat cinnamon donuts, just a pleasure.
5. Chocolate Long
Donuts are loved by everyone, but special occasions can call for a bit of elegance when it comes to providing a celebratory dessert. Chocolate long donuts can bring that hint of class to the sweet treats that make every event a great time. These lovely donuts are similar to an éclair, with an oblong shape that is packed with custards for an extra creamy delight with each bite that is taken. The lighter and fluffier pastry allows for the delicate notes of spice in the custard to show through, and the entire chocolate long is slathered in a signature dark chocolate glaze to complete this perfect package.
6. Powder Donut
Although taste is what can cause great cravings for certain consumables, texture is also an important aspect of why foods can become favorites. Powder donuts afford this combination of classic sweetness and the delectable melting sensation that confectioner’s sugar provide. The result is a traditional moist and airy cake donut that is smothered in light sweetness for that extra pop of wonderful taste. Powder becomes a perfect addition to any donut, since it enhances the zest of the batter formulation. Adding the dusting of powder over the top ensures that sweetness is always the goal of every bite, and melt in your mouth goodness results.
7. Powdered Donut
Sometimes, the simple things really are what make life exciting and joyful. Powdered donuts present this perfection of ease with clean flavor profiles which complement each other through the lightness of the taste. The basic cake donut is golden fried to achieve a wonderful airiness within the body of the donut, and this lets the spices in the gourmet batter really pop. These donuts are then generously rolled in powdered sugar, to gently coat the entire donut. The effect becomes a melt in your mouth sensation, as powdered donuts highlight the softness in texture and flavor that only a powdered donut can provide.

8. Boston Creme
When it comes to filled donuts, Boston crème is the cream of the crop. These classic treats start out with the basic golden baked dough that is light and fluffy for melt in your mouth perfection. To further generate the sensational amalgamation of flavor and texture that is a signature mark for Boston crème donuts, these pastries are generously filled with a light vanilla custard and topped with a rich chocolate glaze. The effect becomes a party in each bite, with the perfect proportions of vanilla, chocolate, and donut. Beyond delicious, Boston crème donuts hit everyone’s sweet spot just right.
9. Coconut
A flurry of white can be appropriate at any time of year, especially when it is coconut shards atop a custom built donut. Shredded coconut puts a hint of the exotic in to any donut configurations, and provides a taste of paradise at any time. Coconut can be used as a topping accessory or can decorate donuts with sophistication, by giving visual, taste, and texture boosts to the already light and fluffy pastry. Each bite becomes a combination of tropical sweetness and the classic donut flavor, to result in a dessert treat that is sure to delight. Coconut makes a perfect addition to a donut on its own, or when paired with tempting glazes and fillings as well.
10. Custard Filled
If decadence is the goal, then custard filled donuts are exactly the answer. The only thing better than a moist and perfectly fried donut is one that has been stuffed with a delicate custard, which enhances the creaminess of pastry. Each custard filled donut is lovingly injected with a rich and soft pudding that is made with natural flavors for an even more savory treat. The result is a sophisticated combination of gourmet donuts and soft creamy fillings that turn the familiar into a sensational taste treat. Custom custard fillings also pair well with a variety of toppings and glazes, to create a temptation that will not be resisted.

Types of Donuts 11-20

11. Sprinkled Donuts

Nothing says a party, quite like sprinkles. Maybe it is because these colorful accessories for donuts remind people of confetti, or maybe it is just because they add that little extra touch of sweetness to an already amazing taste treat. It is always okay to believe in the power of sprinkles, and to think that every time you garnish your donuts with this topping, you are also adding just a bit of magic to the pastries and your life. Selections for sprinkles include traditional multi-colored and chocolate jimmies, along with other specialty shapes and flavors. So make a wish, throw a party, or just relax and enjoy the burst of a bite of sprinkles on your donut.

12. Chocolate

There are some mornings when people wake up, and just know, “it’s a chocolate day!”. For lovers of this wonderful spice, there is a very special place in the hearts, and on the taste buds, for that rich flavor of chocolate. When chocolate cravings hit, they can quickly turn into all or nothing, so moist and decadent chocolate donuts are sure to hit the spot. Whether people just want a touch of chocolate in the form of a thick cocoa glaze, or whether the desire is ready to go all in with chocolate donuts and frosting, the dream combination is a waking reality for sweet chocolate in every form.

13. Maple Donuts

Memories of long weekends and pancake breakfasts with friends and family will some flooding back from just one scent of these maple glazed donuts. The thick and syrupy goodness of natural maple flavor is delicately slathered on to the gourmet donuts, to result in a treat that can be as comforting as it is uplifting. The result is a moist and cakey mouthful that is followed by a flood of sweet maple, for the perfect balance of flavors. The familiar melt in your mouth sensation of maple sugar candies is artfully combined with these gourmet donuts as a glaze, to satisfy your sweet tooth and your stomach.

14. Chocolate With Sprinkles

How do you improve on perfection? The right accessories will always boost already great taste, and the same should go for pastry treats. Take one gourmet donut and give it the exciting makeover of chocolate with sprinkles to really create a sensation. The added richness of chocolate glaze makes the natural spices in the donuts truly pop, and multi-colored, chocolate, or any kind of sprinkles that excite the senses just add to the deliciousness that can be enjoyed. Dressing up any kind of donuts with chocolate with sprinkles can be just the right touch of celebration for any occasion.

15. Vanilla Long John

Even donuts can take it to the next level, with a twist on shape and flavor that always becomes an instant favorite. One variation includes the vanilla Long John, which is an elongated version of the traditional filled donut and can be packed with choice fillings and slathered in a rich vanilla bean glaze. Each tempting bite is a combination of light and fluffy pastry with a touch of vanilla spice, to bring about images of warm and fragrant winds coming from exotic lands. The vanilla Long John may sound like a salty pirate, but it is guaranteed that once you bite in, all you will find is sweet treasure.

16. Double Chocolate

There really is no such thing as too much of a good thing. This certainly applies to anything that is chocolate, and when it comes to double chocolate donuts, they provide the right punch of rich cocoa flavor, for a knockout that is certainly sweet. The delectable chocolate donut recipe adds tempting flavor directly into the dough, and thickly smother the pastries with even more chocolate in the form of a wonderful glaze to provide the ultimate explosion of flavor. Make sure that your glass of milk is ready when you commit to the power of “chocolate, chocolate”, and get ready to say “yum!”.

17. Strawberry Donuts

Biting into a plump and juicy strawberry can be the ideal way to jump start your taste buds with the sweet and tangy zest that this fruit offers. Fruit lovers can celebrate an exciting way to get their fix, with strawberry donuts that include naturally flavored strawberry glaze and fillings. This gives people the option to enjoy the richness of a cake style donut with a sweet and smooth strawberry coating, as well as the chance to try bright and tangy strawberry jelly in a flaky and light pastry. No matter what the preference to style, fruit lovers will be berry satisfied with strawberry donuts at any time.

18. Glazed Raised

Forget about flat pastries! People should never settle for anything less than the plump and moist texture of a classic glazed raised donut, no matter how else you decide to top it. These gourmet donuts start out as freshly made dough that is rolled out and allowed to properly rise before it is dipped in the fryer to achieve that golden-browned perfection. This ensures that each glazed raised donut is light and airy through every incredible bite. Glazes can be selected from a variety of flavors, including a traditional sugar glaze, so that sweetness and flavor go hand in hand with the light texture of a familiar favorite.

19. Plain Donuts

There is nothing like a blank canvas to get the imagination going. At Build Donuts, our plain donuts are the foundation for any type of taste sensation that you want to create. These moist and fluffy gourmet donuts are the place to start when looking at menu selections and deciding on combinations. The dough is thoughtfully crafted with our special recipe of natural ingredients and flavors, and then freshly fried to golden perfection. At this point, our gourmet plain donuts are ready for you to step in and put the finishing touches on your custom creation. This makes our plain donuts anything but, since they have the potential to become anything you can imagine.

20. Sugar Coated Doughnut

Life can be pretty rough sometimes, but a bit of sweetness should always be a part of everyone’s day. Sugar coated donuts can still tell it like it is, with a rich and plump gourmet donut as the foundation for a pleasant future. With sweet toppings including powder and granulated sugar coated, this excellent pastry gets just a bit better, with a melty or crunchy sweetness that complements the spices in the pastry. These golden fried donuts are made fresh for each order, and the warm pastry is then rolled in sugar to gain maximum coverage. Each bite will be as wonderful as the next, when sugar coated donuts are included on the menu.

Types of Donuts 21-30

21. Jelly Filled

Do you like pleasant surprises? Then, you won’t be disappointed by flavorful and fresh selections for jelly filled donuts. These wonderful pastries start out with the subtle texture and flavor of traditional gourmet donuts, and are cooked to fluffy and moist perfection before they are jelly filled. The donuts are packed with as much fruity zest as the pastry can hold, to create the perfect balance between fresh jelly and soft bakery sweetness, so that each mouthful becomes an explosion of delight. Jelly filled donuts become a delightful surprise in any flavor, to make them a jam you’ll be glad to get stuck in.

22. Cream-Filled


23. Blueberry Cake

If you think that you need a reason to celebrate in order to have cake, then you can throw yourself an event any day with the zest of a blueberry cake donut. These gourmet donuts are made fresh from a special recipe for cake donuts to provide the foundation for a moist and crumbly taste sensation. A rich blueberry glaze with natural flavors covers the plump pastry with the tart and sweet icing, so that each mouthful is a celebration of joyful taste. Blueberry cake donuts bring the party to your taste buds for a fruit filled burst of happiness, whenever you like.

24. Peanut Donuts

Every now and again, everyone can all go a little nutty. For people who like to get in touch with their cravings and their wild side, peanut coated donuts can be the perfect outlet for both. Classic donuts and specialty styles can always go for an extra bit of bling that will make taste buds swoon, and peanuts fill this craving for texture and flavor. The extra crunch and touch of salt enhances the sweetness of the pastry and the glaze, to bump up the deliciousness all the way to eleven. For that touch of nuttiness that everyone needs to make life fun, peanut toppings on gourmet donuts will knock it out of the park.

25. Chocolate Kreme

The decadent richness of chocolate kreme can bring out the sense of wealth in anyone. Something about biting into a moist and fluffy donut that is filled with sweet chocolate delight can just make it feel as though everything is perfect. These classic favorites are cooked to a soft but slightly crispy perfection, before they are filled with chocolate kreme, for all that cocoa goodness and buttery taste that makes every bite a delight. The classic chocolate kreme is rich and flavorful, so that people can have a treat and live it up a little, one buttery sweet bite at a time.

26. Raspberry Jelly Filled Donuts

Sometimes the classics really are the best. Raspberry jelly-filled donuts are iconic when it comes to filled donuts, and people can be certain that these pastries will meet every expectation. The fluffy bundles of dough are first carefully deep fried to produce the light texture and golden crispness that is adored by all. They are then filled to nearly bursting with fresh raspberry jelly that has just the right balance of sweet and tart. One bite will bring back all the warmth of a summer’s day, as the brightness of the fruit combines with the airy donut that holds it together. This classic taste is one to always be remembered.

27. Toffee Apple Donuts

If you love it when the fair is in town, then you will go head over heels for toffee apple donuts. The creamy flavors of smooth toffee and caramelized apples are combined for a donut that tastes as though you should be eating it on a stick. Each mouthful brings out the buttery warmth of the cakey donut and the toffee, while the hint of apple leaves a brightness on the taste buds that lingers with joy. Nothing says fun quite like a toffee apple donut, to combine an everyday treat with the memory of bright lights and excitement on the fairway.

28. Canadian Maple

Natural flavors bring out the best in everyone, and Canadian maple donuts offer all the fresh sweetness of syrup straight from the tree. The wonderful texture of a cakey and light donut is complemented by Canadian maple glaze that is generously covering the extra large donut. The result is a sensation like eating pancakes in paradise, as the soft donut melts in your mouth and mingles with the richness of maple. The combination can be enhanced with select toppings to bring out more of the Canadian maple flavor, or it can be left as a classic on its own.

29. Lemon Creme Donuts

Bright citrus notes combine with the delicious sweetness of dairy fresh cream to produce these lemon cream donuts. The plump and moist filled donuts are fried until the outside is soft and lightly browned, and then they are stuffed with lemon cream filling that is both sweet and tart at the same time. The temptation of lemon cream donuts is in the zest, which makes each bite a burst of flavor that balances cream and citrus in the same mouthful. The donut pastry becomes a light backdrop to the freshness of the lemon cream, to give your taste buds the ideal treat for a bright new day.

30. Bacon Maple Bars

The ultimate combination of favorite foods can result in an innovation that is so spectacular, words cannot contain it. Although that might be said about bacon maple bars, even the attempt at description can become so overwhelmingly mouthwatering that an immediate fix may be necessary. Savory and salty bacon is fried up to ideal crispness, and then mixed into the sweet and buttery batter of maple bars, to be baked to golden perfection until the moist richness melds. The lightly cakey bars are packed with bacon maple flavor in every moist bite, for a sweet and savory balance that is just right. You were warned that cravings would arise.

Types of Donuts 31-40

31. Apple Crumb

There’s no getting around making a mess when apple crumb donuts are around. This is not only because of the wonderful combination of buttery and crisp crumble topping on a moist and cakey donut, but also because crumbs will be flying as people much their way through this treat. The flavor of baked apples, all caramelized and syrupy is also a strong note for these donuts, giving the entire treat a just baked taste that warms the heart and the stomach. The combination of rich texture and sweet with a hint of tartness makes apple crumb donuts an instant classic that will leave behind nothing but crumbs in no time.

32. Cheerwine Chocolate

If you can think of a taste that you love, then just imagine it as a donut that you will adore. Cheerwine chocolate donuts have all the moistness and rich devil’s food flavor that people crave from the classic cake, but in a package that makes it easy to feel that you can indulge. These chocolate gourmet donuts are made fresh from a special home-style recipe, so that the spongy texture and rich Cheerwine chocolate taste will delight with each nibble that is taken. The addition of Cheerwine soda also gives the chocolate just the right amount of pop to make the cocoa come alive to the chocolate lover in everyone.

33. White Frosted With Sprinkles Donut

What happens when donut lovers get married? The white frosted with sprinkles is born to become the wedding cake of the donut world. This delicately flavored donut has hints of citrus and spice that contribute to the classic white cake taste and texture that the white frosted with sprinkles offers. The light and spongy donut is further surrounded with a thick white glaze that adds notes of vanilla bourbon to the taste. To keep the festive mood alive, the donut is topped with sprinkles that can range from white on white to bright colors and wild shapes. It is always a party to nibble on this memorable treat.

34. Chocolate Custard Filled

The right proportions of chocolate may just be the answer to finding joy at any time. Chocolate custard filled donuts should be in everyone’s personal emergency kit for just this reason, since the eggy filling highlights the smooth richness of cocoa, while the fluffy texture of the pastry brings enjoyment to a new level. The thick custard also adds just the right amount of sweetness and moist to the mix, so that the velvety chocolate can truly shine through. In case of an emergency where happiness is needed immediately, just bite into the delicious center of an airy chocolate custard filled donut.

35. Vanilla Frosted Long John With Sprinkles And Cream Filling

The ultimate in donut decadence can only be awarded to the vanilla frosted Long John with sprinkles and cream filling. If it were possible to put more accessories on or in a donut, then it has not yet been done. This light and flakey pastry may look like a stretched out donut without a hole, but it is not missing anything when it comes to rich sweetness. The whipped cream filling is packed into the donut shell, while the entire dessert is slathered in spicy vanilla frosting with a hefty dusting of choice sprinkles. This mighty donut is vanilla heaven.

36. Cinnamon Roll

If you love cinnamon rolls hot from the oven, then cinnamon roll donuts will make you feel as though you have won the sweetness lottery. The rich and cakey dough that is used to make traditional donuts is rolled out and wrapped into the iconic spiral of a classic cinnamon roll, before it is left to rise and then deep fried. The result is a moist and lightly crisped donut roll, with all the fluffy texture and subtle spices that go with it. These delicious rounds are furthers covered with white icing, to bring two great bakery treats together into one spicy number.

37. Apple Donuts

For a donut that tastes as of home-style cooking and sunsets in the orchard, apple donuts combine classic pastry techniques with fresh ingredients to produce a singular celebration of taste. This recipe mixes chunks of fresh apples into the donut batter, so that the spices of nutmeg and hints of cinnamon can meld with the sweet tartness. When the airy dough is fried to a beautiful gold shade, it also caramelizes and crisps the apples in the donuts. This leads to a pastry that takes the best parts of apple pie, apple fritters, and apple sauce cake, and mixes them into a personal bounty of happiness.

38. Apple Brown Sugar Donuts

The scent of warm baked apples and comforting spices can bring about the feeling of holiday time and special occasions. Apple brown sugar donuts take all of these things and wrap them up into a sweet little package that is the perfect gift for finding great flavor. The slight tartness of fresh apples is balanced by the syrupy deliciousness of brown sugar, with hints of cinnamon and clove to bring them all together. This is further wrapped up in the moist and golden fried dough of a gourmet donut, to set the perfect backdrop for this comforting combination of tastes.

39. Old Fashioned Glazed Donuts

This classic donut is one of the most loved styles that brings all the flavorful ingredients together in a simple and almost elegant way. The donut batter for old fashioned glazed donuts is subtly spiced and sweetened with a special blend of natural flavors, and then it is allowed to become airy and light before it is deep fried to bronzed perfection. This gives the old fashioned glazed donut the perfect moist but fluffy texture before it is generously topped with a sweet confectioner’s glaze. This lets the syrupy wonder of the glaze soak into the donut, for the perfect combination of sugar, spice, and all things nice.

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