Donut Decorating Parties

Our do-it-yourself donut toppings and icings create the perfect activity for groups of all sizes and ages. Because our toppings come separated and individually packaged we are able to give our customers endless possibilities to mix and match flavors however they like!  That means they are perfect for parties of any age. If your guests have sophisticated taste palettes they’ll be right at home with our gourmet selection of nuts, natural fruit icings, and gourmet donuts. On the other hand, if your guests are on the younger side and simply have a sweet tooth, we can make them more than happy as well! 

Birthday Party Ideas

Decorating donuts is fun. People of all ages can enjoy decorating donuts and experimenting with combination choices. No matter which toppings you choose you’re sure to end up with a winning combination. The reason for this is simple. You have good taste, and we have great donuts. It’s a win win! 

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Our kids birthday party package is a perfect activity to keep the kids busy and enjoying themselves while they share ideas and donuts! Keep an eye out for the “Birthday Party Donut Decorating Video” which includes fun instructions that children can watch and laugh at while they make their donuts. Enjoy watching as your guests make the perfect smore’s donut.