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1.Design & Order  2.Heat & Add Toppings   3.Eat
– Heat Not Required. Available in all 50 states.

The problem we found when buying donuts at our local doughnut shops are the same old tired donuts that have been around for 100 years. They are small, dunked in the same mass produced sugary goo in a bag. Nothing new…nothing exciting…nothing fresh. BuildDonuts.com is here to save us! First, we wanted bigger…so we increased the size of our donuts by 40%! Second, we use only the freshest toppings and glazes made in our kitchen. No frosting or glaze straight out of a bucket here! Third and best of all…they come delivered directly to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Build Donuts?
BuildDonuts.com is an online bakery that allows customers to build custom donuts online and ship them to their doorstep. All of our donuts are extra large and made with gourmet ingredients. Send donuts as a gift or just treat yourself!

How do your donuts taste so hot and fresh?
We have tested and researched our ingredients through all kinds of conditions. You will be amazed to find how fresh your donuts taste once you have had them for the first time. Your donuts will come sealed with the toppings separated. Once you apply your toppings and put your doughnut in the microwave or oven to quickly reheat it will emerge hot, fresh, and delicious.

How long will it take for orders to ship?
Most orders received by 2 p.m. CST will ship out the same day. Orders received after 2 p.m. will ship the next day. Shipments will be in transit between 2-4 days dependent on location.

Do you ship donuts out of state?
Yes! We ship donuts to all 50 states.

How big are BuildDonuts.com’s donuts?
Our donuts are 40% larger than doughnuts found at your local bakeries. Their sizes start at 3.5”, ours start at 5”.

What new flavor donuts are coming?
Each month we feature a new a delicious donut variety.

Why can’t I find these donuts down the street?
There are many reasons these donuts can’t be found at local donut shops. Everything produced at a donut shop is prepackaged from a distributor. Flour mix, 5 gallon buckets of creams and icings, all the way down to “toppings” are made at a factory then shipped to donuts shops.

Where can I get a “Donut Engineer” hat?
Check out our swag page to get all the BuildDonuts.com gear!

What is included with the Donut Club?
Each month we send an assortment of 12 donuts to Donut Club members. Included with your purchase may be special offers, discounts, recipes, and donut news. To join the Donut Club without purchasing just contact us via email or through our contact form.

Are there drugs in your donuts?
We know they are addictive, but there are no illegal drugs in our donuts. Just natural, blissful euphoria found inside.
Why do the toppings come in separate packages?
Couple of reasons, first, keeping components separate insures the best and most fresh product available. Mixing wet and dry components in the same package or pre-topped can result in soggy and unattractive donuts. Secondly, building the donut is half the fun. Design your own donut.

Where can I find different flavor donuts available at BuildDonuts.com?
Best place to start is Build Now or check the Donuts Menu.

How can I order a gift membership for a friend or family members?
Gift Cards. Each gift subscription comes with a custom printed gift card right inside the box.

Why does my spouse threaten to leave if I do not order more donuts?
“It’s Cheaper to Keep Her!” …that’s what we say. Do not mess up your relationship over forgetting to order from BuildDonuts.com. They are just as beautiful as roses, but taste much better…trust us.

How do you choose your monthly selections?
Customers and visitors to the site choose our flavors. Help choose the next selection or submit flavor ideas.

How are ordered items packaged?
All items shipped from our kitchen are packaged in hypoallergenic, sealed plastic bags to ensure against staleness or flavor migration.

Can I choose the items that I will receive?
Yes! You choose the donuts…and the toppings you want!

Can I use donuts to bribe my husband?
We have found through extensive research that donuts can be used to bribe a loved one. For instance, our donuts are over 5” across. A television or computer hog will have use both hands to eat our donuts…giving you the perfect opportunity to swipe the tech away.

How long are your memberships?
Our memberships auto-renew each month. Gift memberships can be purchased in monthly increments.

How do you ship your products?
We ship all of our food items via USPS Priority Mail Service. We have found the average transit time to be 2-3 days.

Can you ship to PO boxes, FPO or APO boxes?
Sorry, we are unable to ship to PO boxes, FPO or APO boxes at this time.

Can you ship outside the United States?
Sorry, due to the perishable nature of our foods, we are unable to ship products outside the contiguous US.
How can I pay for my order?

Orders can be paid for with all standard credit card methods through our secure payment system.